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What we offer during our initial free and confidential consultation:

  • We’ll check for conflict of interest (with parties or attorneys to litigation) and then talk about the nature of your case or consulting needs.
  • Understand what you’re currently doing and what you’ve tried before, if anything.
  • Share our relevant expertise and experience working on a similar type of engagement.
  • If we’re the right fit for your needs we’ll discuss our rates, availability, and next steps.


"Don is in the real sweet-spot of experts; he has degrees from great schools, coupled with wonderful experience at Intel. He is very much a hands-on expert, writes his own expert reports, and doesn’t expect or want to get spoon-fed by the lawyers on the team. Don is such a genuinely nice guy to work with, and such a team player, while not sacrificing his integrity or credibility. I would gladly enlist Don’s services the next time I have a case in his technology area."

— Attorney for the Defendant

"Don is a professional. He answers your email, gets back to you, he will meet deadlines. Don has relevant industry experience. He knows microprocessors. He can teach me a lot."

— Attorney for the Plaintiff

"There is nothing you can really replace testifying experience with. This is something Don has. Don also has very substantial industry experience. He doesn’t mind writing and creating work products and can write well. He understands strategy. Don is a very personable guy, likeable, and easy to work with. He always will go the extra mile. Able to balance issues of infringement and validity."

— Attorney for Plaintiff and Defendant

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