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Camelback Computer Architecture is an independent consulting firm, specializing in computer systems and microelectronic processors. For more than a decade, CCA has been providing its clients with expert services in patent litigation, technology assessment, product development, and intellectual property protection. Our extensive wide-ranging academic and industry experience set us apart in the field and allows us to provide the most thorough and case-appropriate services to our clients.


Donald Alpert, Ph.D., president and principle consulting expert, has over 40 years experience in the electronics industry, and over the past decade has served as an expert on dozens of patent litigation cases, handling both infringement and invalidity issues. Dr. Alpert has worked as an independent consulting and testifying expert assisting attorneys representing major high-tech corporations, and offers significant deposition and trial testimony experience, including testimony before the International Trade Commission. Dr. Alpert also consults to assess patents for acquisition and for pre-litigation review.


Who we serve:

  • Patent attorneys who need, or will need, an independent consultant or expert witness for computers and microelectronics patent litigation.
  • Firms offering search services to attorneys looking for consultants and expert witnesses.
  • Corporations or Individuals looking for help evaluating a patent for infringement potential.

Patent Analysis

With extensive legal, academic and practical experience, Camelback Computer Architecture is uniquely poised to offer its clients thorough patent validity and infringement analysis. Dr. Alpert brings over 40 years of relevant experience in the field of computers and microelectronics as well as an understanding of the process of patent acquisition and relevant legal issues.

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Product Development

Dr. Alpert is a widely recognized innovator with over 30 patents designated to him. Dr. Alpert has worked at some of the most ground-breaking technology firms, including Zilog, National Semiconductor, and Intel, where he was the principal architect of the PentiumĀ® Processor.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Computers, Computer Systems
  • Computer architecture
  • Microprocessors
  • Semiconductors
  • PC Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Design Validation and Debug
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Cache Memory
  • Instruction Sets
  • Media Processing
  • Power Management

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